Cross stitch charts and sewing crossstitch patterns our crossstitch kits is a very pleasant way of spending time and the end result will be rewarding. If you want to order a cross stitch kit from our website you just have to send us a order form from our crossstitch website, after we receive you order we’ll send you via e-mail a PayPal link, the PayPal order form will have included the shipping price, after we receive the payment we’ll send your crossstitch kit. Cross stitch cross your way through our crossstitch patterns and you’ll find the beautiful and relaxing world of cross stitching, sewing and knitting.


-Gobelin needlepoint and crossstitch patterns needlework for gobelin lovers. If you don’t know how to needlepoint or how to cross stitch we’ll offer a free “how to cross stitch cd” that will make you discover the fun of cross stitching and stitching. Your needlework will be rewarded by the end result of the crossstitch patterns and cross stitch designs and will make you return on our needlepoint website and order more crossstitch kits. Cross stitching patterns is a very old custom that was passed from generation to generation and now it’s passed to you with our crossstitch patterns.


Every crossstitch kit has included quality germane canvas, beautiful coats-puppets threads, counted cross stitch charts, custom needle, how to cross stitch instructions and special needle for the cross stitch charts symbols. Embroidery patterns are available for stitching, sewing and knitting in our crossstitch website. We sell crossstitch patterns and crossstitch kits that are available with cross stitch charts and best quality canvases, needles and coats-puppets threads. The needlepoint that is offered by us is a quality needlepoint that is contained in our cross stitch kits and needlepoint designs


Needlework and knitting crossstitch patterns for needlework lover. We make embroidery patterns and crossstitch patterns for stitching and sewing. Sew crossstitch patterns from us and you’ll have all our support in stitching and sewing  the cross stitch patterns, we’ll respond al queries via email. We have crossstitch kits for beginners and we have crossstich kits for needlework professionals every cross stitch will reward your needlework through being a beautiful cross stitch pattern and if you want you can send us a photo with your finished crossstitch and will publish it on our website for others to admire


Cross stitching patterns is a rewarding work and it will make you return to our website and order more crossstitch patterns and crossstitch kits after all stitching cross stitch patterns is an ancient custom, and most of have embroidery patterns from our ancestor, if you like “the beautiful” and appreciate our crossstitch patterns just think of them like a legacy that you can live for your grandchildren and they can remember you.  “How to cross stitch” and “What is needlepoint” are brochures that are included on our crossstitch cd and that is offered for free with all our crossstitch kits that are sent.


Gobelin needlework and knitting is a very interesting way of spending your time making beautiful needlepoint designs and relaxing at the same time, if you want to know how to cross stitch we include in our crossstitch kits a cd that includes videos and tutorials that will demonstrate what is needlepoint and how to needlepoint. Our crossstitch patterns are also known as gobelin, gobelen and goblein but sewing and stitching them will have the same result, that of a beautiful tapestry that can survive generations and be a beautiful memory of you.


 We can also design personalized cross stitch designs, you just have to send us a photo of something you like and we’ll send you back a picture with the end result a the cross stitch design, if you like it you can order it and we’ll send you the crossstitch kit as soon as possible. Every crosstitch patterns design that we make include quality materials that can last for generations and if the sewing and knitting are executed in a correct mode that end result will be amassing. If you misplace the original cross stitch charts we can send, via e-mail, free cross stitch charts.


Gobelin needlework and knitting for beginners and gobelin needlework and knitting for pro’s on our crossstitch website. If you don’t know how to cross stitch or want to learn new technique of stitching, sewing and knitting the crossstitch patterns you can ask for a “how to cross stitch cd”, you can also order a printed catalog with our cross stitch designs. If you like our crossstitch patterns but you don’t have the time or energy to sew and crossstitch them, than we can make the sewing and the stitching for you, we have dedicated women and men that can crossstitch the needlepoint designs in a very professional way.


After sewing and knitting our crossstitch patterns you can send us reviews of your cross stitching and you can even put you finished crossstitch for sale, we will not charge you any fee for it. We posted a series of videos on YouTube in witch we are showing you how we crossstitch and complete our crossstitch patterns. We offer needlework in our crossstitch kits for you and your friends. Crossstitch patterns can be ordered online on our website or you can send us an email in which you have to tell us the code of the crossstitch kit, you phone number, email address and the address where we’ll send the crossstitch kit.


 if you lose you original cross stitch charts we will send you free cross stitch charts via email.   If you like to sew and stitch you’ll love our crossstitch patterns designs because we put a lot of effort in the design of our crossstitch patters kits. We deliver online free cross stitch charts you lose you’re original cross stitch charts. Custom cross stitch designs for needlepoint and needlecraft enthusiasts, we can personalize every crossstitch kit that we we sell you just have to send us a photos and we’ll transform them in crossstitch patterns for you to sew.

Cross Stitch Patterns and Cross Stitch Kits