The cross stitch and the needlepoint are activities that helps you spend your time in a rewording way. We offer cross stitch patterns at a competitive price and we also provide knitting fabric, crossstitch fabric and needlecraft supplies. Ordering crossstitch patterns from our crossstitch website is very simple, you just have to click the buy button, fill in your contact details and send your order, shortly you will receive a e-mail with a secure PayPal page where you’ll make the payment, the payment will also include the postal fees, after we receive confirmation of you payment of the cross stitch kit, we’ll send the package.


Our cross stitch kits and crossstitch kits are best value for all needlepoint lovers. We create cross stitch designs with cross stitch charts, our crossstitch kits have “how to needlepoint” and “how to cross stitch” brochures for needlework and needlepoint beginners. Sewing and knitting a crosstitch pattern is relaxing and therapeutically delivering a very rewording end result.  We’ll deliver a free how to cross stitch brochure that will teach you all about stitching, sewing and knitting crossstich patterns. Needlepoint and needlework your way to our cross stitch patterns and cross stitch kits.


And we deliver a crossstitch brochures that will teach you how to cross stitch and what is the cross stitch, if you are new on cross stitching.  You will also find a cross stitch alphabet with cross stitch samplers photos. We deliver counted cross stitch with cross stitch charts for all needlepoint lovers.  We deliver patterns for crossstitch and needlework with high quality crossstitch patterns and high quality cross stitch fabrics. Sewing and stitching crossstitch kits with beautiful cross stitch designs. Cross stitching, sewing and learning you how to cross stitch is what we make. Crossstitch kits and cross stitch patterns on our website galleries.


We design personalized free cross stitch designs with no creation fee. Sewing and knitting the  cross stitch patterns and crossstitch kits will make you return to us and order some more needlework patterns.  We provide crossstitch charts and cross stitch designs for stitching, sewing and knitting. Sewing and knitting a crosstitch pattern is relaxing and therapeutically, delivering a very satisfying and rewarding end result. We have most of our crossstitch patterns for advanced in cross stitching needleworkers but we also have crossstitch kits for beginners.


Crossstitch Patterns and Stitching our delightful crossstitch kits and embroidery patterns will relax you and we hope that it will convince you to return on our website and order more crossstitch patterns and needlepoint kits. Our cross stitch designs contain cross stitch charts, A4 format, and we have both crossstitch kits for beginners and crossstitch kits for needlepoint professionals.  Our crossstitch patterns and cross stitching embroideries are also known as gobelines, gobelens and gobleins but sewing and stitching them will provide the same result, that of a beautiful tapestry that can last for centuries and generations and be a beautiful memory of you.


The cross stitch patterns that are difficult have the size (can be small) generally large and very large (ex.80 x 100 cm) containing a greater number of 80 or 100 colors. A cross stitch design is valuable if it faithfully reproduces the great artists works, the needlework and needlepoint that you make is equivalent with “painting with the needle” that they painted with a brush.The ones that practice needlework and needlepoint are women and men, ordinary people and intellectuals, young and less young, almost all crossstitch patterns are sew because it is a nice way to use time, is a relaxation therapy.


Embroidery patterns frames are ranging from very small (10×10 cm) for crossstitch beginners and those who rarely sew and stitch cross to embroidery patterns frames up to large (80 x 40 cm2) for professionals in the sewing of the needlepoint designs. Crossstitch patterns can be easier or more difficult, given the complexity of a cross stitch design is the ratio of the size and number of its colors. Crossstitch kits  easy for sewing are those containing a small or medium number colors and large areas of sewing using the same color, such tapestries usually breed naive paintings.


There are crossstitch patterns that are made after designs printed on canvas and there are crossstitch kits made with cross stitch charts. Usually cross stitch charts were made after much higher degree of fidelity to the original photo. The cross stitch chart contains symbols ordered by a two-dimensional axis, each symbol corresponding to colors of the tapestry.  The canvas is a rare tapestry, made from cotton yarn, with identical thickness, warp resistant and tinsel forming a regular square network is mapped on a grid of different colored threads 10 to 10, the grid is present and the chart significant easing of work who sew the tapestry.


To achieve a valuable cross stitch pattern quality threads are needed, among the most popular sewing crossstitch threads we include: coats, puppets, dmc and anchor also has a linen tapestry important role in the stitching and the quality of a tapestry, Zweigart canvas is a commonly used in crosssttich kits. The canvas is squared 10×10 . The canvas is stretched on a frame gobelin, this frame can have varying sizes to suit the needs of the needleworker of the crossstitch patterns. Gobelin is considered an art, many tapestries are displayed for sale in international galleries.


Gobelin is a tapestry, embroidery, needlework and fabric art made of colored yarn, representing a plastic image. The gobelin is a tapestry made by cross stitching and sewing needle in a special canvas, usually squared 10×10, each stitch in the crossstitch design representing a point of the gobelin. Initially counted cross stitch is set after a picture is processed so that each point of the crossstitch patterns to match as closely as possible the position and the color just like each pixel in the original photo. Format A4 of the cross stitch charts is recommended for easier sewing the gobelin

Cross Stitch Patterns and Cross Stitch Kits