custom cross stitch

Stitching crossstitch patterns and sewing on crossstitch patterns is a custom that has no religion and age. We design cross stitch charts for our crossstitch kits so that you’ll be astonished with you’re finished needlework. If you lose you’re cross stitch charts we’ll send you free cross stitch charts. Our needlepoints are  also know as gobelen, goblein and gobeline. We also have needlepoint xmas, wedding cross stitch patterns and baby cross stitch patterns. Stitch Cross is a wonderful and recreating way of spending time and that’s why we offer cross stitch designs for each taste, age and handling of needlepoint

We create custom Cross Stitch Patterns. All you have to do is send us a photo that will be processed by us and transformed in a cross stitch patterns kit, we will send you several versions by e-mail, after you decide on the one you want we will send you a payment request via PayPal and once the payment is done we’ll send you the cross stitch kit. The price of a custom cross stitch kit is at the same level as all our cross stich kits. Basically if you have a custom cross stitch kit with the same dimensions and number of colors with one of our cross stitch designs from the online catalog you will have the same price.To order a custom tapestry you have to e-mail us the picture, we will process and we will send some versions with variations of sizes and colors, with prices for individual variables.Decide on your favorite version and in a few days and we will send you the personalized cross stitch kit.

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